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Why Are Cuban Cigars Illegal?

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Cigars are tobacco products designed for smoking. Some cigars are considered illegal in some countries, hence making them contraband, and anyone in possession of them is punishable by the law. However, there are a lot of other countries that welcome the use of tobacco within their shores.

A cigar is a cylinder roll of dried tobacco leaves, packed and prepared for smoking, and a cigar wrap consists of three components: the filler, binder leaf, and wrapper leaf. There are different types of cigars, and they are often classified according to their sizes, shapes, and mode of preparation.

Manufacturers often put their logo on the body of their cigars to uniquely set them aside from other products. The most renowned cigar is the Cuban cigar, and it is exceptional for its unique qualities.

However, it is only accepted in a number of countries, and it is deemed illegal in other countries of the world, including the United States. In this article, we will be taking a look into Cuban cigars and why they are illegal.

Are Cuban Cigars Still Illegal?

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What’s So Special About Cuban Cigars

As the name implies, Cuban cigars are a special type of cigar produced in Cuba. They are widely referred to as the best cigars because of the premium quality cuban tobacco and materials with which they are made.

The Cuban cigar dates way back to the origin of cigars. And because Cuba has been known to be a major tobacco farmer for hundreds of years, it is hard to talk about the origin of cigars without mentioning the Cuban cigar.

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Additionally, there is government regulation in place that oversees and supervises the manufacturing of Cuban cigars to make sure that each product is well made and rolled properly before leaving the company. Hence, the company follows a carefully crafted pattern to produce cigars, and this pattern has been in existence for decades. It is also said that Cuban cigars are made with as much care and dedication that it takes almost a hundred steps to complete the production of a single cigar.
Note: Be wary of fakes.

Do Cuban Cigars Get You High?

Contrary to a rising suspicion that Cuban tobacco cigars leave you with an intoxicating feeling after smoking, Cuban cigars can not get you high. In fact, cigars, in general, are not equipped with materials that get one high. And although some manufacturers do add certain ingredients that can make one dizzy, Cuban cigars are only made of tobacco and can only make you a little light-headed if you inhale the smoke.

Are They Really Illegal?

While a lot of people are yet to come to terms with the fact that these stogies are illegal in the US, a lot of others are still puzzled as to why they have been banned.

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Here is a detailed explanation of why it’s the case in the United States. The original reason behind the illegalization of this tobacco product in the States is the trade embargo put in place between the US and Cuba by president John F. Kennedy’s administration in 1962. Before this embargo, Cuban cigars were enjoyed in the US. But since the trade embargo stopped all trades with Cuba, the possession of Cuban cigars in the country has been deemed illegal.

Bottom Line

Although Cuban cigars are considered the best quality cigars, they are illegal in the States due to the 1962 act that prohibits any US citizen from trading it within the country. As a result, any US citizen found buying or selling Cuban cigars within the States is punishable by the law, and can be fined a sum of money or even face time in prison. You can bring cuban cigars into the US for personal use.

However, you can freely smoke and Cuban cigar if you obtained it outside the States for personal use only.

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Dan Stevenson

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