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WindBlaze Lighter Review: What Makes This Lighter So Popular?

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Today we’re taking a quick review of the WindBlaze lighter, a powerful torch-flame lighter that in recent years has become incredibly popular with cigar smokers around the world. With all the hype around this lighter, and considering we’ve rated it number 1 in our best cigar lighter post, we thought we’d take a quick look at why cigar lovers are raving so much about the WindBlaze brand.

What makes the WindBlaze Lighter special is its combination of small, lightweight, pocket-sized portability and powerful, torch-light burner. Dominic Ohane, WindBlaze co-founder, commented to us that “we wanted to create a best-in-class cigar lighter at prices everyone can afford.

Cigars are a luxury product, but we feel that some manufacturers use that as an excuse to charge more than they should for sub-standard products. So when creating WindBlaze, we made a concerted effort to combine both quality and value, resulting in a lighter that everybody can enjoy.”

It seems like a very valid point. As we cigar enthusiasts know, the most important thing when choosing a good cigar lighter is ensuring a strong and consistent flame, which typically, most pocket-sized lighters don’t have; instead of trading performance for a pocket-friendly size.  

WindBlaze Lighter What Makes This Lighter So Popular - Infographic CigarCigar

WindBlaze Lighter


Windblaze Lighter

On the other hand, though, WindBlaze features both, which (aside from its price) is what has been making it a go-to favorite for cigar lovers all over the world. This nifty little lighter features the torch-burning power of its much larger cousins, all without compromising size or quality. 

And let’s get to quality, because that is where the WindBlaze truly excels. At the time of publication, the WindBlaze lighter (astonishingly) retails for just $29, which is an impressive price given the outstanding quality of its manufacture. Built from solid steel, there’s no plastic veneer or faux-chrome paint to cheapen the brand.

It also comes delivered in a beautiful presentation box with a small leather carrying pouch, making it an ideal gift for the cigar lover in your life.

And although small and low-cost, the WindBlaze has a weightiness to it, which when held in your hand, affirms its quality materials and solid construction (and impressing those who you might pass it to). There’s no flimsiness or cut-cost parts; this is a robust lighter that even the most staunch cigar connoisseur would value in their collection. 

Which brings us neatly to the golden question: why should you have this lighter in your collection?

What Makes it So Good?

Well, we ask in turn why wouldn’t you, as the answer to us is clear: because this pocket friendly cigar lighter can be taken anywhere with you. Most cigar lighters are large and bulky, which often means they’re left sat atop your humidor, whereas WindBlaze slips nicely into your pockets – and has all the cigar toasting power you need.

So whether you’re out on the golf course, taking a stroll through the park or driving your truck to work, the convenience of this lighter means you can always keep it with you, and that’s why we love it.

The WindBlaze lighter is available in 4 unique colors: Blue, Black, Chrome, and our personal favorite: Gunmetal Grey. All orders ship from within the USA via free USPS shipping. International orders are also available. Head on over to the official WindBlaze online store to order yours today. 

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WindBlaze Lighter Review

Combining quality and value results in a lighter that everybody can enjoy!

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Dan Stevenson

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